Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Taming of the Arse - Week 10

What a busy few weeks I have had - I could barely keep my head above water.  The biggest culprits were progress reports and parent-teacher interviews.  But, all is well now.  Can I get a big, "Oh, yeah, baby!" for March Break (some of my international readers may call it Spring Break).  One blissful week off, to do with as I please.  Sigh...

On the healthy living front, I have been doing pretty well.  I am still sitting at seven pounds lost, as I seem to have hit another plateau.  However, I am taking it in stride as I can tell that I am fitter. 

My biggest accomplishment to date is my increasing ability to do push ups.  Six weeks ago ago, I could do five bent-knee push ups, one month ago I upped the tally to ten and as of today I can do eighteen.  Even though they are the sissy push ups, I am still very proud at how much stronger I am getting. 

So, tell me, my little health nuts, how goes the fight?

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