Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Taming of the Arse - Week 5

I have had one more week on the health bandwagon.

The bad news is that I am still plateauing.

The good news is that I reducing my body fat percentage.  Over the last five weeks, I have decreased my body fat percentage by 2.5%.  So, although I haven't seen the scale budge in a while, the nasty fat is going away.

Also, keeping me happy is the fact that I am feeling so much better than I did five weeks ago.  I am not winded going up long flights of stairs.  My bad knee (dislocated the little sucker several years back) is feeling stronger and my sciatica hasn't acted up in ages.  I feel younger and healthier and not so cranky all the time.

On the eating front, I have been doing well all week - plenty of veggies, whole grains and lean meats.  However, I will admit that tonight I will be indulging in heaping plates of Chinese food during the Super Bowl (I don't like football, so I need something to keep me interested!).

So, my intrepid buddies, are you still with me?  I sure hope the answer is yes!


I won't be around at all for the next week.  My colleague, Andrew, and I are taking a group of students to the Florida Keys.  Every couple of years we venture down to Newfound Harbour Marine Institute & Sea Camp for some sun, snorkeling and marine biology. I am not a biologist by any stretch of the imagination, but I always tag along because we are required to have teachers of both sexes along for the ride.  See ya when I get home!

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