Friday, January 30, 2009

That's what big sisters are for

Look 3 kids entertained by a single bowl of oatmeal at the same time!
It's nice when the "helping" is actually more help than hindrance.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Twittering

Have you all heard of Twitter? It seems to be a combination of a mini blog and a chat feature all rolled up into one. It is all the rage on Etsy so I signed up. I think I might be addicted, but am not quite sure since I don't have any friends to follow, and haven't figured out all the features yet. I do have the Harlot, though... can't get enough harlot. Now we can get updates throughout the day with her typical whit. Love that.

I feel a bit more profound when I am limited to the 200 words (or whatever it is). I have to boil it all down to just the facts. It's nice to be able to just put up that one sentence that sounded so great without feeling like I need an entire blog post with pictures. If you ever wondered what my crazy life is like with a yarn shop and 5 little kiddos, feel free to follow me.

<----- Or, you can read it on the side bar over there, right under my etsy shop pictures ^.^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The blanket that never ends

A few weeks ago, Michaels had an insane sale on Patons SWS which was awesome because I REALLY needed some more for Shaya's blanket. You know, that great wool, twin sized blanket that I thought I might finish for Christmas and never did. Then I thought I might finish it for her birthday, and never did. It was on sale for 1.99 a ball, which I guess was because they were discountinuing it out, but it was a great score for me. I bought way more than I really should have, but now I have plenty on hand to finish the blanket! Yea!

This is the Mason Dixon Miter Square blanket from their first book. I have 7 different colorways in there and it promises to be truly eclectic. Lots of pink. Just perfect for a girly girl like Shaya.

I counted last night and I have 36 squares. That's enough for 3 big squares wide and 3 long. DH and I layed it out and I think we need 1 more row of big squares long. That means I need 12 more squares. . . Oh well, maybe it'll be done before next Christmas. Blocked and with a boarder and all!