Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Twittering

Have you all heard of Twitter? It seems to be a combination of a mini blog and a chat feature all rolled up into one. It is all the rage on Etsy so I signed up. I think I might be addicted, but am not quite sure since I don't have any friends to follow, and haven't figured out all the features yet. I do have the Harlot, though... can't get enough harlot. Now we can get updates throughout the day with her typical whit. Love that.

I feel a bit more profound when I am limited to the 200 words (or whatever it is). I have to boil it all down to just the facts. It's nice to be able to just put up that one sentence that sounded so great without feeling like I need an entire blog post with pictures. If you ever wondered what my crazy life is like with a yarn shop and 5 little kiddos, feel free to follow me.

<----- Or, you can read it on the side bar over there, right under my etsy shop pictures ^.^

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