Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Skirty Dozen

Happy Spring, Northern Hemispherites!

In honour of the changing of the season (goodbye winter, hello spring) and the fact that it is a lovely warm day, I decided to don a cheerful outfit today. 

The skirt is another of my "Skirty Dozen," made from a rayon woven that many of you will recognize from Fabric Mart offerings a while back.  It is soft and flowy fabric - perfect for a skirt.  It is also quite pretty with the sweet little floral pattern.

Both the teal top and the watermelon coloured cardigan punch up colours found in the print of the skirt.

The teal sandals and amber pendant are the finishing touches.

Every year, I always find winter so dreary and thus I'm positively itching to put on some bright colours by this time of March.

And it goes without saying (even though I am saying it) that I am ecstatic when sandal season rolls around.  I love banishing the socks and letting my toes feel the breezes.  Ahh... delicious...

But, enough chatting.  It looks like a certain pup is telling me it's time for a walk.

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