Monday, August 27, 2012


Where have I been for a month?  Sewing, sewing and sewing (and sewing!).  I have been going great gangbusters in the sewing room.  My mojo is back and it has been demanding that I sew.  I have learned to never question the mojo, so I have been following orders.

Since we last spoke, I have created 31 garments associated with my SWAP.  As many of the patterns are new to me, in many cases I made a wearable muslin (or two) to tweak the fit and then sewed up the real deal.  I did all the muslins in fabrics that coordinate with this SWAP (or another SWAP that I am already planning for winter), so I now have a ton of new wardrobe additions for the start of the school year (which happens in one week - eek!).

Needless to say, I have a butt load of SWAP garment goodness to show you.  Just gotta dust off the camera and slap on some make up.  So, stay tuned...

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